Our Goals


What matters to us is our service and our work. We have over 17 years of experience and over 100 completed projects. Our goal in the next 10 years is to sign 1000 new projects.


Peaceful, happy and excellent service for years.


17 years of experience and knowledge.


Satisfied customers who recommend our success.

Mapei’s internationalization strategy is based on two main objectives: to be close to local needs and to provide the lowest possible cost of transport. Moving with the goal of being close to buyers and customers, Mapei’s unquestionable power on all five continents is employing only local managers and qualified staff without changing the company’s approach or ignoring local requirements.

The company now has 79 subsidiaries, 18 institutional R & D centers and 67 production facilities operating in 32 countries, each with its own quality control laboratory. These are the important figures that started in the 1970s and determine the success of the process that has never been stopped. In the last 10 years 20 new subsidiaries have joined to our Group together with newly established companies and company purchases.

Many of these plants produce strategic raw materials needed to produce finished products, while others are finished product producers. For example VA. GA. produces selected silica sand, Gorka Cement produces alumina cement, Vinavil produces acrylic and vinyl acetate polymers, and Rasco Bitumentechnik produces bituminous products.

The company’s steady growth and internationalization is directly linked to revenue growth over the last 20 years. In 1990, revenues were 150 billion Italian Liras, but in 2001, total revenue reached 725 million Euros, or 57% of the international markets. In 2015, total revenues are above € 2.6 billion.